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Property Selling
Selling a property can seem very daunting but doesn't need to be especially if you enlist the services of Allied Estates. We aim to deal with all property sales sensitively, efficiently and with no fuss. You can be confident that our professional staff will be able to deal with any of your requirements.

Experience where it counts
Allied estates will use there vast local knowledge, all the traditional marketing media and our excellent website to realise the best price for your property. Our highly experienced staff is always at hand to help. We can offer solutions tailored to your needs.

When dealing with Allied Estates you know you will be getting a quality service and 'peace of mind'. We are confident that we can beat our competitors when it comes to best price, best service and best results.

Honest Advice
We aim to make the whole process of selling as transparent as possible. Allied Estates staff is dedicated to achieving the best possible price for your property. We will try to make every step as clear and as simple to understand. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.



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